WEB and mobile applications, Apple HomeKit device


WCMS, GPS monitoring, Linux Server, Accounting system


Development and implementation of production processes


Creation, promotion and distribution of the product


To keep up with the times, simply use the resources and experience of our company and let us guide you through the process of creating an intelligent solution that is well suited to your needs.

iOS Application

We develop mobile applications and published on Apple Store, or deployed internally with scalable architecture, business logic, UX/UI design and required integrations.

Android Application

From prototypes to working mobile applications published on Google Play, or deployed internally.

Flutter Mobile Application

Thanks to the advantages of Flutter, we create interactive mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms with a single code base.

Apple HomeKit devices

We develop smart home control accessories compatible with the Apple HomeKit standard.



We offer various options for professional maintenance of sites on various management systems. We serve sites on Bitrix, Joomla, WordPress and other CMS.

GPS monitoring

We develop, implement, transform and maintain GPS systems for vehicle and employee monitoring.

Linux Server

The stability of the work depends on the initial configuration of the server and the quality of the further subscriber service.

1C Accounting system

We carry out diagnostics, update configurations, make changes correctly. We provide services for the development or refinement of 1C programs for individual tasks.

Production engineering and consulting

Our way of working includes a deep understanding of the problem areas of our clients, which allows us to create innovative solutions. Each client is individual. Everyone has their own needs and requirements. Therefore, we use and integrate proven strategies, methods and tools, complementing them in new and personalized ways. The result: unique tailor-made solutions for every step of the journey, from strategy development to sustainable implementation.

Organization and flexibility

Our clients are facing rapid market changes, disruptive innovations, growing business needs and the need to reduce time to market. We help them achieve greater competitiveness and solve performance problems through development, improvement, modernization, implementation and aftercare.

Digital transformation

When optimization is no longer enough to achieve the stated performance figures, our clients are sometimes faced with the need to redesign their operating structure with a revolutionary approach. We help them leverage their digital and technological capabilities and drive a complete transformation through Industry 4.0.

Project and supply management

In increasingly diversified, fragmented, complex and volatile markets, improving profitability remains a daily challenge for our clients. We help them optimize products, projects, and organizational efficiency, and empower them by improving processes, methods, and tools.

Process reengineering

Automation of production and agriculture is an important and complex process. It allows you to systematize technological processes, ensuring the quality and timeliness of their implementation.


Philosophy, strategy and tactics of thinking! A process aimed at satisfying the needs and desires of people and organizations by providing a free competitive exchange of goods and services of value to the buyer.

SEO optimization

Work on the development of the site, changing its environment, analyzing user behavior in order to raise the position of the site in the results of search engines for certain queries and increase network traffic.

Corporate style

Focusing activities on the unity of the company and common corporate values. Allows you to build a global business structure.


Brand development of products, positioning and promotion on the market, ensuring reputation, as well as in regular monitoring for compliance with market requirements.

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